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ARCHIVE REPOST: Sundowner. Mix #01 by Lawrence Asher + Interview (2.10.2019)

We conducted a short interview about music, life and favorite animals with Paris born and now in Berlin based Dj and producer Lawrence Asher ahead of the release of his mix for Sundowner.

Sundowner: How are you doing?

Lawrence Asher: I just spend an amazing week end out of Berlin, so I’m great ! :)

Sundowner: Which track comes to mind when thinking back to your set at Sundowner?

Lawrence Asher: Solid State “Klass of 76”

Sundowner: What was the last song you listened to?

Lawrence Asher: The Buggles “Video killed the Radio star”


Sundowner: What’s your biggest passion besides DJing?

Lawrence Asher: Composing haha, partying (specially after-hours with good team of friends).

Sundowner: What was your personal favorite track of this summer and why?

Lawrence Asher: A track that Alexander K. Einetter is playing but I don’t know the ID. Because I like the energy that it gives to me for dancing !

Sundowner: Which DJ or producer hast influenced you the most?

Lawrence Asher: Ricardo Villalobos

Sundowner: Name one other DJ or producer that we should have on our Radar right now?

Lawrence Asher: La Gugga.

Sundowner: Your favorite animal and why?

Lawrence Asher: Orca because of the colour/intelligence/ spirit and also because people think that they are mean but actually they are not.

Sundowner: What is your biggest concern these days?

Lawrence Asher: The Happiness of the people around me.

Sundowner: What would be your advice to other people in the current times?

Lawrence Asher: Be happy, help others and think/act for the planet Earth!

Sundowner: Share with us your favorite not dance-floor record/album?

Lawrence Asher: Yoshinori Sunahara “Lovebeat” is the first that comes in mind.

Sundowner: What are you looking forward to the most right now?

Lawrence Asher: Better sound systems in Berlin and more dancing people.

Sundowner: Anything else you would like to share or say give our readers and listeners on the way?

Lawrence Asher: Moses for President !

Sundowner: Thanks for taking the time and we are looking forward to hear and see more from you in the future!


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