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2021 Sundowner. recap

As we’re moving further into 2022, we want to reflect a bit on the last year. 2021 was definitely not an easy year for us, including everyone else in the Berlin and the international electronic music scene. Continued lockdowns, cancellations and a lot of uncertainty were the common denominator throughout the year, besides the brightened-up summer months which gave us a very missed sense of freedom that we needed to enjoy again. But despite all the difficulties, we kept going as much as we could, whenever we could. For us at Sundowner that meant ramping up the frequency of Interviews & Mixes to every 14 days to continue to provide a platform and give exposure to upcoming artists as much as possible- no matter what else was happening or not happening. With amazing contributions from a wide spectrum of international artists!

Fortunately, we got to do three amazing events during the summer months, two of those at the infamous Club der Visionäre and one at the newly inaugurated Plötze venue at the beautiful Plötzensee. Those were definitely a bright light of Sundowner’s sunshine for us after the winter months spent in lockdown.

On top of that, we managed to extend our program into autumn and winter by moving Sundowner to the well-known Hoppetosse club boat on the Spree River for the first time after three years since the start of Sundowner. With a weekly Thursday night, we aimed to further provide a platform for both established and upcoming artists from the Berlin and international scene. Unfortunately, another winter lockdown that continues to this day brought this new development again to a temporary holt after four beautiful nights and early mornings on the boat. But we’re getting ready to kick things off again in spring when restrictions will be lifted again!

It wasn’t all easy, but we kept going and we will keep going because we love what we do and we do what we love! A big thank you to all the dancers and listeners out there that appreciate what we’re doing here! And of course, also a huge shoutout to all the amazing artists that contributed to Sundowner. last year, on and off the dance floor! And now get ready for more music, interviews, and events in 2022! We honestly can’t wait to see you back on the dance floor again! Stay healthy and much love! your Sundowner. team


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