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Sundowner. Mix #02 by Pasha + Interview

We had short chat with Pasha in mid November and you can finally read the complete Interview now.

Moses: To get started maybe you can tell us a bit more about your background and how you got exposed to music as a child and when you were younger.

Pasha: Yeah, it started for me years ago, I was always buying and listening to music but I never thought about DJing. But my friends started to push me and tell me do it and I have been getting a lot of support from my friends and other people. And that’s how it started and still continues.

Moses: And were you exposed to a lot of music in your childhood, like through your parents? Did they listen to a lot of music and showed you?

Pasha: Since I’m 14 years old I started to listen to electronic music and searching for records all the time. But I never played the music. The first time playing it was 2015 on the 2nd floor of Cafe Gallery in Tbilisi and then the 2nd Gig at Mtkvarze, playing before Bero and Cobert. They really liked what I played and it was a great moment for me to get this positive feedback and it continued like this since and I’m just so happy about it all.

Moses: That’s nice.

Moses: How did you like to play in Berlin compared to Tbilisi? Was it different? Whatever comes to your mind.

Pasha: Yeah, it was a big experience for me because I never played outside of Georgia before, it was my first time in Berlin and in very good company. The Party was so good and I enjoyed a lot playing with Nuji. What else… Thank you for the event! haha

Moses: Haha, it was my pleasure having you! 🙂

Moses: Can you name any artists or specific albums, records or favorite artists that had a big influence on you, that you would like to share with us.

Pasha: Yes, especially Nicolas Lutz and Evan Baggs have been a big inspiration to me and earlier it was Arpiar when I listened to them at Kazantip in Georgia. After that experience a lot of things in my mind changed in regards to music. But not just in regards to one genre, it keeps changing and influencing me with all the different kinds of music I listen to.

Moses: Can you tell us a bit more about the scene in Tbilisi and what makes it special compared to other electronic music scenes like in Berlin or around the world, from your perspective?

Pasha: Here in Georgia we have so many very interesting and very talented people and they also run a lot of their own projects and nights now. You also know about Cobert’s and Luka Nakashidze’s new label “Tesseract”, it’s a very impressive project. And I’m happy because years ago there were not that many local artists but now its getting massive. And they are all doing a really good job and producing good music and playing as well.

Moses: Yes, everybody has evolved and gained more experience over the years.

Pasha: Yes exactly.

Moses: And since the protests in Georgia that went viral around the world the electronic music scene in Tbilisi has been seen as very political. Is it still the same? Are people still very engaged in the political discourse and take action. And how are things changing? What has changed since? Are things changing?

Pasha: I don’t think things have changed very much since, just a little bit and yes people are always engaged in the political discourse. The drug policy is still the same and very hard. On the day of the protest I was playing at Cafe Gallery and I was looking around and there was like 50 Gunman and so on. But it has to happen sooner or later, they have to make some changes. Fuck, haha.

Moses: Yes, I hope things will turn to the better over the coming years. Besides DJing what are you up to in Tbilisi?

Pasha: I was playing Basketball for a long time. I play since I’m 5 years old and the last 2-3 years I was playing Basketball professionally and DJing which was very hard for me to do but I think you must do what you like and what gives you pleasure. And that’s it!

Moses: I totally agree and can imagine that it was not easy to balance DJing on the weekends and playing Basketball professionally.

Moses: And to come to your Mix, can you maybe tell us a bit about the mix you recorded for us. If you had a certain mood in mind or what mood were you in when you recorded the mix? Anything you would like to share?

Pasha: I was trying to play music mainly for listening at home, not dance music in particular.

Moses: And another more personal question, anything you are worried about these days?

Pasha: I used to live in Batumi, I’m originally from there and love it very much, but it can get a bit boring from time to time, so I now moved to Tbilisi now and I’m looking forward to doing more here. So I basically left my recent worries behind.

Moses: And the last question, anything you are excited about in the near future that you would like to share?

Pasha: Not yet, I’m not waiting for anything in particular but it will come. I hope it will come! haha

Moses: I’m sure it will! Thanks a lot for taking the time and hopefully see you soon again either in Berlin or Tbilisi.


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