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Sundowner. Mix #10 by robbin + Interview

The Sundowner Mix #10 comes from Dutch and Berlin based DJ robbin, who had her debut at System Error party last summer at CDV and recently at Hoppetosse. She shared with us some tips for people that is starting to DJing and some of her inspiration, get to know her better in this interview we had with her.

Sundowner.: Hi robbin, how are you?

robbin: Hello dear Sundowner. crew, greetings from autumnally Berlin! Thank you for giving me the opportunity. It was a great learning with lots of love put into it and I hope you listeners will enjoy the trip!

Sundowner.: Thank you robbin, we definitely did! So first of all I would like to ask you, who or what inspired you to start DJing?

robbin: It did come naturally after loving the music so much, being curious and also having a DJ boyfriend. But moreover I wanted to know how a crowd would react to my music and what feelings it would give them. Since this was what many other DJ’s showed me, like for example Zip.

Sundowner.: What would you say is the key for a perfect mix?

robbin: First of all, I think it’s a lot about the music selection. If you have all the tracks that really belong together there is very little effort for mixing needed. I also always appreciate a storyline that to me adds more personality and feeling.

Sundowner.: Can you tell us a little bit about some of the music you’ve included in the podcast, perhaps about some of the labels or artists featured?

robbin: I really like to combine new with old tracks to always keep the dynamic in a set as well as making it a challenge for myself while selecting music. And that’s what I tried also in this set. The first track for example is from an Australian producer Andras Fox on a compilation LP on Public Possession released this year. And one other track comes from the crew KCL Project on 90’s UK label Octopus. Also the artist Pluto who’s tracks I always love released on this label. Please go check them both out!

Sundowner.: What’s the differences you see in the music scene from when you started to now?

robbin: I am so happy to see that the scene is offering more and more a stage to younger and minority artists, like female DJ’s. We are slowly building a future where everyone can pursue anything in their lives they want and it’s beautiful to see it happening.

Sundowner.: Can you name an album or EP you consider “timeless”?

robbin: Often I put on Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records from Jan Jelinek. I love it because of the different interpretations you can give it. It can be listened to as ambient, however it also has elements of techno that creates a different mood if you pitch it higher. Being able to play with the speed of a track and putting it on at different moments makes it timeless for me.

Sundowner.: What has been the most memorable dance floor moment and why?

robbin: Tough one, definitely a couple for sure but ok this one maybe you readers would relate to. I will never forget that moment, Get Perlonized, Panorama bar, 12 o’clock in the afternoon, this moment when the blinds come up. But this time the sun was shining so bright that the whole room was white and it felt like I was dancing in heaven!

Sundowner.: Oh definitely we can relate to, and it will be always in our minds. What advice would you give to people that are starting to DJ based on your personal experience?

robbin: DJing should be an expression of yourself so try no matter what to stay true to what you like and make you move on the dance floor. I believe by doing that and evolving, you will really master the skill. In terms of mixing skills, I can recommend that you start with recording as early as possible, listen to it, learn from the mistakes but also try to understand what style of mixing you are good at. And if I may, as a final tip, always stay curious for new/other music! That helps me to keep motivated too.

Sundowner.: Do you have any projects we should look out for?

robbin: Yes, last year my good friend Gabriela Müller and I starting our project zeevonk where we aim to create a platform for artist to be free to experiment, support and inspire one another. The project started with our ‘natural habitat podcast series’ where all artists involved work on a proposed theme, drawing inspiration from natural habitats. We still have plenty of ideas that we like to share with the world. Definitely more music performance and visual art installation but also ambient afternoon listenings served with food, film streamings, to name a few. ‘Underwater love’ and ‘lost in a forest’ podcast series are both available to listen on zeevonk’s soundcloud page.

Sundowner.: Thank you so much for your inspirational words and tips robbin. We wish you all the best in this new journey you are starting and we hope to see you very soon again behind the booth.

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