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Sundowner. Mix #12 by Sibil + Interview

The Sundowner Mix #12 comes from new rising star Sibil, who had her debut this past summer at Club der Visionaere for Sundowner. and System Error parties and most recently at Hoppetosse for The Mudd Show. Keep an eye on her as she will definitely keep making more appearances in the Berlin underground music scene and around Europe, thanks to her unique style that makes everybody dance. Check the full interview we had with her.

Ines: Hi Sibil, how are you?

Sibil: Hello! I’m very good thanks a lot, pretty happy to be living in Berlin now, so much to do and to learn about! Like making this first podcast for example, thanks for giving me this little challenge to accomplish finally! I’m pretty excited for the rest 🙂

Ines: It’s a pleasure for us to be the platform for your first podcast, we really enjoy every second of it! So, tell us a little bit more about you Sibil, could you tell me about your musical background? What kind of sounds did you grow up with and how do they inspire your sound now?

Sibil: Oh I come from a totally different environment where I’m now. Growing up in a pretty conservative family, I was in touch with music since I was 5, going to conservatory and music school everyday. I guess classical and jazz music were the only things I knew until very late. I just discovered electronic music when I was about 21! I have to say that since then, I was so curious about this other world, I got pretty addicted to understanding it.

Ines: How do you prepare your record bag before playing a gig?

Sibil: Uff, always at the last moment… It really depends on my mood, but I give a lot of importance to who or what is gonna be played after me, so I can go on a journey until that point.

Ines: Name 3 of your favourite recent music purchases.

Sibil: I mainly digged some downtempo stuff the previous month, here are some:

First release I’m gonna share with you is a mix of dub, ambient, and liquid DNB, that I’m so in love with! It has the perfect amount of trippiness, enough to bring me up in the mountains above the clouds. To listen full power in your headphones…

Second fund of the month is from Sie, I liked a few tracks that he produced, you should check it out!

Last one is from Nooncat, which is more dreamy/melancholic tech house:

Ines: How do you think that this moment we are living in, is going to impact the music scene in the future?

Sibil: To be honest, I think there will be waves of restrictions where we can explore our free time and expand our creativity, and there will be waves of freedom when we release everything out, and make something even greater than before. I guess every big trauma of History brought something new and revolutionary after, and that’s the beauty of it.

Ines: How’s the future looking for you?

Sibil: I have no clue, we never know what can happen, but so far I’m pretty excited about it.

Ines: If you could pick any DJ or act to play with, who would it be and why?

Sibil: I had a big music lesson last time seeing Miki playing at CDV. I have to say it was bewitching! His way of mixing was so incredibly precise and trippy, I’d love to learn from it!

Ines: What advice would you give to people that are starting to DJing based on your personal experience?

Sibil: Trust your music, your taste, don’t be afraid of playing things that you think others won’t like and just assume it! Error is human, and perseverance is the key to it!

Ines: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Sibil, you are such an inspiration and we are very looking forward to seeing what the future will bring to your career, we are sure it will be full of success!

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