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Sundowner. Mix #15 by Ines Cartas + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #15 comes from our very own Inés, who had her debut gig last October at Hoppetosse for the System Error Worldwide residency party. She continues to make her wave in the underground music scene; organising parties and getting crowds on their feet with her unique style and selections. Tune into her fresh new mix and be sure to check out the full interview we had with her.

Sharon: Hi Inés, how are you?

Inés: I’m very good thank you. Super happy to have created this mix for Sundowner. and enjoying the quietness of Berlin. I’m currently in quarantine, so I am spending a lot of time at home with my cats and family, while resting, cooking, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. I’ve also been working and making plans for 2022. What better time to do that!

Sharon: We’re very excited to host your first podcast! With the roles reversed this time, it’s a pleasure to get to know you better. So, tell us a little bit more about you, Inés. What is your musical background? Which artists and/or genres did you listen to growing up and how does this influence your current sound?

Inés: More than an influence, I see it as an evolution of my persona that reflects in my music taste. When I was little I used to travel a lot to the USA because of my mom’s job and I remember her spending hours and entire days in record shops. She used to have a big collection with piles of vinyls at home in México. I was too young, so for me it was boring going to the shops. I remember just waiting, sitting down somewhere till she would finish digging. Only now do I understand that passion. Over the years my taste in music has changed a lot. I discovered electronic music when I was 16; I went to my first party in Mexico City and completely fell in love with it. I guess everything started there, but it was only till I moved to Berlin that I decided to go beyond and start collecting vinyls.

Sharon: How did your journey in the music industry begin? Can you share any insightful stories or tips with us?

Inés: I think everything happened very organically. Just by going out a lot and connecting with people with the same ideals and passion for music. I used to live in Barcelona and there I met my family from Plural (a music label and collective based in Barcelona and Berlin). We started doing secret parties a couple of years ago here in Berlin and that’s how I entered the team by doing logistics, location scouting, bookings, etc. During the Christmas Eve of 2020 I met Moses Mawila and we started working on a project together by chance and connected immediately. Since then, our journey began, and we started going further with other projects, and that’s how I entered the team of Sundowner. and System Error. I guess when you are surrounded by friends that have the same love and passion that you have, who believe in sharing and inspiring each other- this is when magic happens! I never thought I would end up where I am today and that’s the beauty of it. The surprises that life brings to you and the opportunities that the universe provides you happens when you accept them gratefully with love, and by working hard everyday. Then everything starts to fall into place.

Sharon: Which labels are you involved with? And what advice can you give to women working in the music industry?

Inés: I’m involved with Plural, LowMoneyMusicLove and System Error. My advice is to not feel overwhelmed or insecure by an industry mainly dominated by men. Things are changing and there’s a lot of support for women as well as multiple collectives pushing for change like System Error, so try to stay surrounded by people that believe in you and support you. I come from a family of mainly single mom’s and I was raised by strong powerful women that showed me how to navigate in a world dominated by men. They taught me to raise my voice and stay true to who I am and never feel less or weaker, so I feel blessed for that. I’m also super grateful that I’ve always been surrounded with the most amazing friends. They all have supported me since day one with all my projects and ambitions, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support, so I guess it is an important thing to surround yourself with the right people.

Sharon: You recently had your debut gig at club Hoppetosse for the System Error Worldwide residency party- well done! How do you prepare your record bag before playing a gig?

Inés: Yes, OMG what a night! I will never forget this day. It was incredible to see all our friends there and all the support. There were people outside waiting before the club opened and this just made me feel like ok, this is gonna be one for the books and that’s what it was! To prepare my bag I always think about who I am playing for. I try to be empathic with the crowds and look in my collection for which are the tracks that they will enjoy. From there I try to build a story depending on the time I will play and think of the other DJs on the timetable, but then I always pack a plan-B to be prepared for anything.

Sharon: Name three of your favourite recent music purchases. Why these selections?

Inés: Goris Lecker – From Scratch [Kreisless] (I like all the 4 tracks for different times of a night, so I like that it’s versatile.)

Rawell – Berlin Pankow 1995 – 2002 ( I love the label and for me this is a timeless album)

Get the Balance Right! -#002 (Great label, very groovy and sexy, 100% my vibes.)

Sharon: What is your perspective on the current state of the music scene? Do you think the pandemic will have an irreversible impact on club culture? Inés: It’s definitely hard times for many people and the music industry, but we should never forget that light will always come after dark times. I think club culture will definitely never be the same again, but that doesn’t mean something bad. It’s making us rethink how we are doing things and what’s the legacy that we want to leave to younger generations. It also makes us appreciate what we had and should make us more conscious on how we want to evolve as a society in order to keep the nightlife alive. We will find other ways to connect and share what we most like, but I’m also just happy that I got to experience night life before the pandemic.

Sharon: What does the future look like for you? Any upcoming news or projects on the horizon? Inés: The future looks brighter than ever. I have a couple of plans that I’m working on with friends, collaborations with artists for merchandising of the labels, and more events coming as soon as we can dance again. Including a tour in México and South America for the end of 2022, so I am pretty excited about everything 🙂

Sharon: What advice would you give to beginner DJs based on your personal experience? Inés: Trust in yourself and don’t be scared by judgements. Just stay true to what you like and who you are. Don’t take things for granted and work hard everyday. And the most important point for me is to remember that what you are doing is for fun. As soon as you enjoy it, everybody will too, so enjoy the ride and the process of learning new things!

Sharon: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! We are thrilled to have you as our next guest, and we look forward to seeing where your music career will bring you next.

We wish you loads of success in 2022!

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