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Sundowner. Mix #17 by E.LINA + Interview

We’d like to introduce you to our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series: E.LINA, a talented multidisciplinary artist from Ukraine. Get to know her better in the interview we had with her and enjoy a one hour mix of her punchy and selected sound.

Inés: Hi Elina, how are you?

Elina: Hello from Koh Phangan! I’m feeling very relaxed on the Island now, trying to synchronize with the energy around me.

Inés: Where did you grow up and how did that influence your sound?

Elina: I grew up on the streets of Kharkiv city. I began dancing hip hop and freestyle when I was 15 years old, so my way as an artist started from hip hop music. I was in love with dancing to old school rap, boom bap, and some space instrumentals. For me, the most important thing in music is that it should make you move and groove.

Inés: Could you tell me more about your musical background? Apart from being a DJ, you are also a producer and a singer, how do you combine them all in your career?

Elina: I have been playing piano and singing since I was a kid. At 7 years old my mom brought me to music school but I didn’t finish it, I was too lazy haha 🙂 But all my life I was in close connection with music. When I was 20 years old I recorded my debut Ukrainian neo-soul EP, but at that time I didn’t know about electronic music like house or techno. When I moved to Kyiv and heard this kind of sound for the first time I was really amazed! It inspired me and I bought my first groove box, Korg Electribe 2 and started trying to make something similar to this music. Now I’m working on a new EP together with Hopper F. from Criminal Practice. We are combining electronic music with my vocals. Sounds pretty cool! I sometimes play our songs in the discotheque and I love to see people dancing on my vocal tunes ❤

Inés: Ukraine is facing a difficult situation right now, as an artist how are the current circumstances affecting you or the music scene?

Elina: Honestly I’m trying to ignore Ukrainian news and media, because I’m too sensitive for this. I left Kyiv for Thailand and want to abstract from world problems. I love all the humans from any country and pray for peace.

Inés: What was your inspiration to record the Sundowner podcast?

Elina:  I recorded this mix in Kyiv, so I feel like my inspiration was just the music which I listened to at that time. These hypnotic tunes were my mood in the cold winter of concrete jungle 🙂

Inés: What’s your 3 favourite clubs/ parties?

Elina: Closer, Hoppetosse and Brave! Factory

Inés: Did you remember your first rave? Where it was, how was it? you remember who was playing?

Elina: CXEMA was my first rave and I was really scared by the dark techno and fast strobe lol! Then after one week I came to Closer for the first time and fell in love with the first tune!

Inés: Any projects or releases we should look out for?

Elina:  Roma Khropko. He is my bro and a really talented sound producer. Recently he dropped the fresh EP – Rhythm Equations on Bandcamp. 

Inés: Thank you so much Elina. We want to wish you the best of luck with all your future projects. And looking forward to hear more from you!

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