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Sundowner. Mix #27 by Luisa  + Interview

Our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series is Lisbon based, DJ Luisa. A regular and respected figure in the Portuguese underground music scene. Check out the interview we had with her and enjoy an hour of her deep and hypnotic techno grooves.

Inés: Hi Luisa, how are you?

Luisa: Hi! I am very well, thank you. Firstly, thank you for the invitation, I am honoured. I am writing to you from Lisbon, more precisely from the advertising agency I work at throughout the week, as a designer. This podcast was recorded at my place with 1 technics mk7 + technics mk2 and my rotary omnitronic.

Inés: You are based in Lisbon, can you tell us more about the electronic music scene there? How is it, what is what you most like about living there?

Luisa: Electronic music has been on the rise here in Lisbon and I reckon the pandemic made people even more eager to experience it. I love to go out by myself, without looking at the lineups and ending up by having a great night (on a musical level). The scene is growing and thankfully the clubs have been pushing and recognising local talents.

Inés: Who or what inspired you to start DJing?

Luisa: My friends after the 2016 Boom Festival edition.

Inés: What’s the most difficult challenge you have faced during your trajectory as a DJ?

Luisa: The biggest challenge was to prove I wasn’t dazzled by the night scene. And having performed, sometimes, with the lack of conditions. However, I believe those challenges provide us with opportunities to evolve professionally and personally.

Inés: What’s your family’s relationship to music? And your home town/area?

Luisa: Music has always been part of me and my family’s life. I remember we always listened to music together on family trips and at home. My mum has been always passionate about music and sings fado since her early days. Me and my sisters learnt to play musical instruments and my older sister even studied at Lisbon Music Conservatorium. I still remember being a 10 years old kid at school always listening to music through my Sony walkman.

Inés: When you are not listening to electronic music what do you normally listen to?

Luisa: I like to listen to a bit of everything – 80s synthpop, jazz, rock, ambient, world music, hip hop…

Inés: Which was the last podcast you enjoyed and can recommend to our readers?

Luisa: I really like the Melina Serser downtempo podcasts. I listen to them on a regular basis while at the office. Thus, I have just now finished listening to Anah’s podcast on her last EOS Radio session and definitely recommend it. 

Inés: Can you tell us a little bit about some of the music you’ve included in the podcast, perhaps about some of the labels or artists featured?

Luisa: Sure. This podcast reflects the music I’ve been playing for the past three months. I like to revisit records from the 90s to the present times. From techno to house and electro. I highlight the new release from Mardel, Portuguese artist, that was recently released under the Lisboa VILAMAR label. Three amazing records without musical boundaries.

Inés: What would you say it’s a key ingredient to success in the music scene nowadays?

Luisa: Authenticity and patience. And obviously, playing and sharing the music we love.

Inés: What’s the differences you see in the music scene from when you started to now?

Luisa: I believe it is more inclusive. Less snob and less judgy. There’s more space for everything and everyone. And that’s a great thing!

Inés: Sure it is! Thank you so much for your time Luisa, we wish you all the best and looking forward to hear more from you!

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