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Sundowner. Mix #28 by Paul Tellimerg  + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #28 comes from French producer Paul Tellimerg aka DJ Immortal. Paul is a young talented Paris based producer we met a couple of years ago when doing an internship for LowMoneyMusicLove, since then he has been close to the family and we are super happy to welcome him to our Sundowner. mix series. This mix contains only his own original productions and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Don’t forget to check the full interview and get to know more about his background and creative process.

Inés: Hi Paul, how are you?

Paul: Hello Ines! I’m doing great, just chilling at my place in Paris, surrounded by plants and feeling groovy.

Inés: Where did you grow up and how did that influence your sound?

Paul: I grew up in a suburban city called Ivry, it’s an old industrial city with lots of abandoned buildings and huge empty areas which makes it very special – rough but also beautiful. There’s this one very mysterious building in my neighborhood called Chinagora, next to the Seine. It looks like the abandoned building in Spirited Away.

Inés: What was it that triggered your interest in producing music?

Paul: Around Highschool my friends and I started organizing raves in these abandoned places and in the woods around there. It was a lot of fun and some of my best memories. That was the moment I knew I wanted to do this. Even now, I can say it’s definitely at these kinds of parties that I had my best gigs.

Inés: How would you describe your sound?

Paul: I like it to be evocative and unsettling, I like music that tells stories with unexpected encounters and switches. If it takes me to places when I make it, then I’ll share it.

Inés: From where or what you get inspiration to create your tracks?

Paul: Movies, a lot of them. Also spending time with the people I love. About the process, sometimes I’d have an interesting sample that I found listening to the radio, or post-punk, Hip Hop and oriental records, then and I’ll try to give it a new direction. Sometimes I’ll have a movement, something abstract like a shape, that I’ll try to recreate with a bass and LFOs, like for a sculpture or a drawing.

Inés: What’s your creative process when creating a track?

Paul: I choose 3 instruments, then I spend a few hours patching them, and when I see that they respond well to each other, I start making beats and melodies. Most of the time the inspiration comes from the synths themselves, I love the old analog sounds of the prophet 600.

Inés: Are there any movements or developments within the scene recently that you find exciting/interesting?

Paul: My friends don’t want to throw raves anymore lol, so now I’ve got to connect with my little brother’s friends who explore the underground to find good spots for raves, and I’m very looking forward to our new sound system which is being built. Free parties are almost the only option if you wanna have good parties in Paris because there are very few clubs with honest sound systems.

Inés: Can you tell us a little bit about some of the music you’ve included in the podcast, perhaps about some of the labels featured?

Paul: I tried to build a nice journey with pieces of tracks that I recorded during the last years. The UK garage track with brazilian vocals was produced with Gab jr during our first collaboration. Another one of them was just released on Childhood Intelligence latest compilation, 3 of them will come out on System Error and the rest hasn’t been released.

Inés: Tell us more about the EP coming out for System Error, how you landed on the label and how does it feel?

Paul: I’ve been friends with Moses for some years now, I know we share the same love for the same kind of electronic music so it was a real pleasure when he proposed to me to release my tracks on his new label.

Inés: Any other projects or releases we should look out for?

Paul: I want to get back to a closer and faster relation between people who make/play/and listen to music. I love vinyls but the processes are being too slow and super long, so I’m thinking of launching a digital label format to deliver hot drops from the studio straight into my friend’s USB keys.

Inés: Last one, tell me a track that reminds you of your childhood?

Paul: Tosca – Suzuki

Inés: Thank you so much Paul, we are really looking forward to hear more from your amazing productions being released and see what 2023 will bring to you!

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